If you don't want to maintance a programming department, do not need a permanent programmer or have an excess of programmng projects then you you are in need of the solution SketchLine Technologies has created for you...

    We will professionally do this task for you! Let us help and send us your programming project and relax, we will do a great job.


    Initial requirements for work to be carried out:

    - Creating your shop tool inventory, please provide your shop tool list including special tools and its description sheet as pdf/DWG(or minimum a hand sketch) from wilson tool or any other tooling provider

    - Machine model and turret type description

    - Provide your default turret (Tool shape and size keept in each one of your stations)


    Requirements for each project to be quoted and processed:

    - Any hand made sketch as long and is fully dimensioned and detailed

    - 2D files accepted; DWG/DXF

    - Specifications and notes about project such time lead, suggested sheet size to be used and expected yield or needed quantity for better sheet arrangment and any other requirements from you


    We will deliver your project on agreed lead time and provide the following material for your project to be carried out:

    - All g code files for your NC machine to punch all needed parts for your project

    - Tooling setup list

    - Time and cost of each individual program or as a whole


        Please contact sales to move your project forward at 209-740-4682