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GNester - The Nesting Job Utility

  GNester is our fine nesting utility that will save you time, material and money when it comes to automatically arrange cad geometry in a sheet of metal or any other material and for any project.

GNester capabilities:

  • Automatic nesting
  • True shape and remnant algorithms
  • Full control on part spacing, angles rotations(Fixed, any angle, 90 deg, 180 deg, 270 deg) as per you choice.
  • Highly optimized yield
  • Full cad editor capability
  • Export the full nesting results as DXF or if you own GPuncher as a sheet (Blk files). Full DXF exporting of individual parts.
  • Full DXF import of any DXf files for nesting
  • Save your nesting job for later modification
  • Special tools or shapes handle capabilities, fully compatible with GPuncher
  • Nesting results report
  • And more...much more!

< Supports Windows  XP, 2003, Vista, Wndows 7, Windows  8 and Windows 10, Windows 11 >



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